Zoella Beauty Review

 These makeup bags are perfect for school the white and blue polka dot bag can be used as a pencil case which is what I'm using right now. I think it's a great size as I can fit my calculator in it, my numerous amounts of pencils and pens and even my sharpener and my whiteout fits! I must say it is one of my favourite pencil cases as I LOVE the colours and the winking eye, and how its so small but fits a lot inside it, I highly recommend getting it. The dark blue purse with a collar I absolutely adore as i'm in love with these colours, I think the dark shimmery blue with the gold and the white look amazing together I personally would so choose those colours if I ever created a purse. It is very compact, I am able to fit it nicely in my clutch bag and fit my phone as well as more items in it which I think is definitely a plus in my books as I have to fit my phone, my glasses (which are in a glasses case) and some headphones and a small roll on perfume. I do have another little coin purse which I used to put in my bag but it was a bit to big so it would get squished quite easily and would make my bag hard to close, whereas with Zoë's coin purse is the perfect size.

Both body washers have an amazing scent and I sadly have almost finished both of them and will definitely be buying these again. I am only able to purchase and try both of these as I do not have a bath and can not try any other products of Zoella's collection as I live in Australia and they don't ship everything from her collections to here. 'Foam sweet foam' has got such a fruity scent and definitely lives up to its expectation of being foamy. The only negative about this product is that its only a 250mL bottle and have almost finished it within 3 months and would like a larger bottle like the 'Soak opera'. Bath soap and shower cream called soak opera is amazing and gives you so much product for the price, I love how the product can be  multi usable for your bath or shower. Overall great products I love both smells, great for the shower only negative is the 'foam sweet foam' needs to be 490mL like the 'soak opera' I understand why Zoella chose to have it smaller than 'soak opera' as it is not multi usable but it would be a nice addition to make it bigger.

The tutti fruity range is an amazing range with the hot pink and yellow colours as a gorgeous template resembling tutti fruity. The 'scrubbing me softly' smoothing body scrub is a great idea and I have never used a body scrub and have loved it, I can't say I have used it every single time I hit the shower but around once or twice a month is perfect for me. I think it is a great addition the the Zoella beauty range. One slight problem which has occurred is it is a bit hard to close as the scrub has gone around the lid and is hard to close properly, that negative can't be avoided, but with a good clean of the sides of the containers lid and seal the problem is solved, I just need to clean it every so often. The softening body lotion 'candy cream' is my all time favourite product of all of Zoë's beauty ranges. It really does its job, I love the little bursting beads within the formula, its just a fun little addition to the boring old softening body lotion. The scent is my absolute favourite smell, all of my friends who I have recommended it to say the scent is amazing. Overall an absolute amazing product and has no negatives, I will definitely be buying another one in the future.

The lip balm 'kissy missy' has got incredible pigment, you can choose to build up the pinkness on your lips or just have a hint of pink. This lip balm is such a summery kind of look and would look so good on any kind of skin tone. I find that this lip balm works better after you put on a really hydrating clear lip balm on before or even after you apply this product to your lips. Overall a great product.

This is all that I purchased from feelunique.com, Zoë did an amazing job with her beauty range and I'm sure she will create even more amazing products in the future, and I will definitely try out more of her products in the future, if I can get my hands on them!

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What I Do To Take My Instagram Photos Of @Rabbitnibbles

First Step - Where the pictures are set
I first choose where I am going to take the photos at. I think about the lighting, the way the plants are, whether they are a bit untidy or there are to many leaves and sticks on the ground and if Nibbles will run away because he is not allowed to run free outside because it's not fully closed off so he won't run away, but I do let he go outside now and then with a harness on. Besides making sure Nibbles won't run away, the number one thing I think is the most important in taking photos is the lighting, as the lighting can either make or brake a photo because you don't want a dull and blurry looking photo, I look for an eye catching bright photo to catch peoples attention.

Second Step - Taking the photos
Once I have decided where I will take the photos I bring Nibbles outside, my favourite two places are on the bench

as this always has really nice moody lighting or on the red bricks with plants behind it
because I always get great focused shots of Nibbles with a blurry background (my favourite kind of picture).
I take around thirty to fifty photos each time I think it's a sunny day. I try low angled, close up, eagle eye view shots I try different kinds of photos whilst trying to make sure Nibbles wont run away, it's quite a balancing act when you have an adventurous bunny. I try and take the most natural shots as possible with natural lighting, naturally positioned bunny (I let him just play around, and always give him his favourite treat, kale afterwards).

Third Step - The choosing of photos
I take the SD card out of my camera (Sony DSC-WX500) which is a vlogging camera although I really want a DSLR they are a lot of money. I insert my SD card into my laptop and look through the photos and put them into my hard drive even if they aren't the best of photos. From there I choose
the photos which I think have the right angle, the right lighting and not to blurry, there may be only two or there may be twelve it really only depends on the day.

Fourth Step - Transferring the photos
From there I send the chosen photos via email to my ipad one by one as most of them are to big of files, and  downloading the photos before sending one photos takes around two minuets at a time even before sending them! So in other words I need to find a quicker way, but for now it works.

Fifth Step -  Cropping the photos
I take the photos from the emails I have sent to myself and one by one I position them on Instagram to get the right shape (Square) to fit Nibbles Instagram page, and to determine whether I should have Nibbles in the centre of the photo or to the side to give a nice effect. From there I make sure the wifi of my ipad is off so I don't post the picture to Nibbles instagram. I post it "offline" and it saves it to my camera role, the I delete the post so it won't post once I put the wifi back on.

Sixth Step - Adding the white background
I use Pic Collage to get the white background in Nibbles Instagram feed. I straighten the photo up and try to position it in the usual spot and try to have the same amount of white as my other photos, then I save it to my camera role and delete the original photos which were saved from the email and Instagram.

Seventh Step - editing unwanted text
As Pic Collage have a logo down the bottom of the page I remove the logo by using the app called Retouch as I want my photos to be of bunnies as it's a rabbits Instagram page. This app isn't really worth buying, as I once use it for that purpose only and the app was not for free.

Eight Step - Posting it
Out of the numerous photos which is prepared I want to post something around each day or two days apart on his Instagram so I prepare heaps of photos ready to post as I can't take photos each day because I get really busy during the weekdays and would like to keep refreshing his posts with new content every so often. As I have done heaps of preparation before posting I make them into a square on the photos app which comes with Ipads so I can just click on the photo and go straight through to the caption. The caption is where I like to try and write something to interact with the people who are following Nibbles so its a more open and friendly environment. I ask about the weather, where they're from, how long rabbit owners have had there rabbit for etc. I of course say where I am from (Australia), how long I've had my rabbit for (almost five years!) just so then people don't feel like they are the only ones replying to the question. I love engaging with his followers as they too most likely have a pet of there own.

So from this blog post you can see the steps I go through to post and Instagram as I love photography and Instagram is a great way of posting amazing artwork which I love seeing, I think everyone is an amazing artist in there own way. You probably have guessed it, my favourite subject in school was art, and surprisingly maths as well (weird combination, I know)  If you have read this far you are amazing and comment down below saying "I read it all!" and I'll know your an amazing person.
Thanks for reading!

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Where I Buy Rabbit Toys/Training Gear

Hi everyone! This week I thought I would share to you guys where I get Nibbles's Toys from...
DISCLAIMER: I am not trying to brag or show you expensive toys I get Nibbles, I wanted to write a helpful blog post if you are trying to find good rabbit toys and don't know where to look.

Cheap as chips - http://www.cheapaschips.com
I get such great toys from here, I love to experiment to see what kind of toys Nibbles likes, so I have many cat toys and dog toys as well as mouse toys and bird toys which Nibbles loves. As there aren't many places in Australia which don't have a lot of rabbit toys I go for other animal toys which I think he will like and Cheap as Chips definitely have an amazing range of animal toys.

Pet stock - https://www.petstock.com.au/
This shop by far has the most rabbit toys in stock, as this is a pets store. pet stock has the best quality of toys and has an amazing variety of different toys, they sell edible toys, wood toys, training toys etc. my absolute favurite toy from there range is the wooden flexible bridge, because it can be used in so many ways, it can be a bridge for your rabbit to climb over or a tunnel for your rabbit to go under, or it can be just for your rabbit to sit on. Nibbles also has taken a liking to chew on it as it is great to grind rabbits teeth down.

Here are the main places where I like to find toys for Nibbles, I hope this gave you an idea of where to get rabbit toys from, as I have shown you you can find rabbit toys in many different kinds of shops.

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