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I normally use this before I do anything to my nails, it is like a base for my nail polish. If you want a nail strengthener this is definitely the one to buy.
This white nail polish is very pigmented and only needs a couple of coats, but do not over do it as it creates a bit of a rough surface if you put to make coats on.
I'll be honest, when I first saw this nail polish I thought it said satan, then I burst out laughing as I read it again and realised it said satin.
This nail polish is more to give your nails a cloudy clear coat, at the time I was not looking for this I wanted to find a non-transparent white nail polish, but I have slowly grown to love it.
This one is very similar to the w7 white nail polish, if you want a cheaper alternative to a nail polish I would suggest you go with the w7.
This is a very pale baby pink, and it almost can come across as nail colour. If you want to do a french manicure I suggest this colour.
This colour is a gorgeous colour is so vibrant yet it's a baby pink.
 This is such a gorgeous colour I love it and how it is matte and lavender, it is just gorgeous and really brightens and tans the skin.
This is my absolute favourite colour it is my go to nail polish colour, I would definitely recommend it.
 I purchased this colour recently and oh my god it is gorgeous, I could not go out of the store without that in my possession. I must say that this needs quite a few coats to really get the colour non transparent.
 I love a pastel turquoise it just is one of my favourite colours to put on my nails. This has a slight shimmer to this and is so pretty.
 Anyone who has met me knows I love anything copper or rose gold and when I saw this I was in heaven. I am not very big on glitter nail polish but this is gorgeous and I just love it, it is definitely my absolute favourite colour.
I personally think that this top coat makes my nail polish come off quicker and does not really do it's job, maybe mine is just to old or it's just bad quality, I would not recommend this one.

This is my collection, I may make this a series of different products, comment down below if you think thats a good idea.
Victoria xx

Haul | MUD, Model co, Garnier & Nivea

I went to my local supermarket this week and picked up a few items which I thought I would test out...
This foundation is definitely build-able, I feel like I don't even need a lot of concealer on top of my foundation. This colour is perfect for my skin in the winter, I don't think I will be using it in the summer as it completely matches my skin tone at the moment and gives me a dewy look, so if you don't like the dewy look and are more of a matte person stay away from this foundation. It stays on all day which is a definite bonus for me.
I have never owned this kind of concealer, I have always used a liquid concealer, I have noticed that with a non-liquid concealer it is a lot more easy to blend with a beauty blender, and the beauty blender doesn't rub off the concealer instead of 'blending' it into the skin. The shade I purchased is great for dark circles as it is visibly lighter on the skin compared to the foundation (which both are the lightest shades).
I am a person who is very bad at cleaning their face at night, as I just want to be warm and I don't want my t-shirt to get wet right before I go to bed. So that is why I chose to get this as it removes makeup really easily (as well as water proof makeup). Not all days I wear makeup so this bottle will definitely last quite a while. I like how this also purifies and mattifies your skin, that just gives a little more extra to your skin before you go to sleep.
I have never been a pro at eyeliner and am still in the process of learning how to do it. To give myself some inspiration to keep trying I bought a pencil eyeliner, I have never properly owned and tried eyeliner with a pencil. I have always used a liquid eyeliner, I have heard that pencil is easier for eyeliner although I am not quite sure so leave a comment down below and let me know which you think is easier to use, liquid or pencil.
I have purchase this item before, but I love it so much that I just needed to buy it again. This is the most softest lip balm in the world, if you ever want a lip balm get this one! It is honestly the best, there is no pigment so it is good for every day use and has no scent, it just rejuvenates your lips and repairs the cracks in your lips. I would highly recommend this to anyone.
I have never bought anything like this. Two things which I would have liked this product to be is matte and also a bit bigger in size. Each section of the blush is too thin in my opinion, if it was just a bit more wider in each section I think it would be a whole lot better. Something which I really like about this product is that they put directions on how to apply this product and which each section is. I also like the subtleness of the blush, I think this product is definitely aimed at first time triers and purchasers of a three in one blush.
I am not a big fan of rose scents, although this mist is very hydrating and also has such a nice and refreshing scent of rose. It does say to shake 3 to 4 times before each use, if you don't do this I find that it is not really a mist it kind of just sprays you. Although the negative of this product I would definitely buy this again I think it is so great for anywhere, the beach, school, work or even at home!
This product I was very sceptical about, as you can see on the packaging it does not show you what the pen tip looks like and I know there are different kinds of pen tips on a liquid eyeliner. When I opened up the package, I was very pleased with the pen tip as I have used other liquid eyeliners and the tips are quite flimsy which I find it more difficult to use. The only negative with this eyeliner is that at the very tip of the pens brush not much product comes out from there so you end up having to either use the thicker end or applying the eyeliner over it repeahiaty until you get a black line instead of a dark grey. I am still not sure if I like this eyeliner, will keep you posted on what I think of it.

That is all that I bought this week, I hope this helped you with that you should and should not buy, let me know if you would like me to do more hauls in the comments bellow!
Victoria xo

An Autumn Day

Haul | Lush, Sportsgirl & Typo

The experimenter bath bomb has got some glitter remittance on the outer of the bath bomb, I am interested in using this one, as all of the colours in that bath bomb will mix together, I wonder what colour it will be. But I can't wait to use it! Although the scent is not something I would automatically go for, I could not have gotten it as I said before, its appearance was just yelling "BUY ME" so of course I couldn't leave it in the shop.
I choose the bubble bar  'a french kiss' as when I smelt this one it smelt like lavender (considering it had a piece of lavender...) instantly it made me feel so calm, my initial action was putting it straight into the basket and saying in my head this would be the most perfect calming bubble bath. So of course I purchased it. I still have yet to use it but I am sure it will be perfect for after all of the tests I have to sit for school this week (which is something like five tests for different subjects, help me!)
This is by far my favourite scent which I purchased from lush, it is called the comforter bubble bar. I am yet to use it in the bath but the scent alone smells amazing let alone the amazing colours it would create in the bath. The scent is blackcurrant which most of you may not know, is my absolute favourite fruit and does anyone remember lifesavers blackcurrant pastilles, they were and still are my absolute favourite flavour of sweets.
I made it my mission on this shopping trip to purchase a matte bronzer as you have probably noticed I am definitely not tan at all. So I told myself that I was not to go home without a bronzer in my grasp. When I saw this I knew I had to get it as I have noticed over the years I tend to go collective one product after another, first off it was mascaras then lip balms, concealers and now a bronzer. My next addition to my makeup collection may be blush next i'm not to sure, only time can tell.
I am sure all of you know that mothers day was yesterday or today if you live on the other side of the world. Whilst I was in typo I was looking at the cards for mothers day and there where two which tickled my fancy, but I couldn't take two so I decided to go with this one as I know I can always count on my mum as she is my 'safety net' in other words she keeps me sane for all the stress of school (which I am ok most time but now and then). I just felt that this card was quite quirky and it is something which I think my mum would have a little giggle at. I also loved the font and the card  paper.

I hope everyone had a nice mothers day yesterday and told your mum you love her. Let me know if you want me to do more hauls or if you would like me to do a favourites blog post.
Victoria xx

Treat Ideas For Bunny Rabbits

There are many treats which you can make for your rabbit, but there are some of those days when all the shops are closed but you want to give your rabbit a treat and your don't know what to give him, well I have some great ideas for treats for you rabbit which you could have in your fridge at home! And also some great treats which either Nibbles loves, or it has heaps of variety in the packet or is multifunctional.
Figs are also a great fruit for your rabbit as your rabbit will eat all of the fruit, it may take a while for your rabbit to eat it all but it is very good for them as it is hydrating and has some seeds inside it and I promise you, that piece of fig that Nibbles is eating in that picture, 8 seconds later and it was gone, all of that piece. So nothing will be wasted. 
Foragers feast is not really a treat, although it has some little treats in the mix with dried banana and some other kind of treats which Nibbles normally eats them first. The best thing about this mix is that it has a huge variety of food for your rabbit in there already which is beneficial for your rabbits nutrition and also has some treats mixed with it, so your rabbit gets his/her daily intaking of pellets which is a must have food for a rabbits life it gives your rabbit the nutrition they need.
This is another treat which is a date it is incredibly sweet, and also too sweet for a rabbit to have on a daily basis so I would recommend only giving them half of one (don't give them the pip as it is not good for them) or even give them one quarter of a date. It has a toffy kind of texture and taste to it, although it is completely natural I would recommend giving a bit to your rabbit a couple times a month maximum as a treat.
These treats are amazing as they are multifunctional, it is a treat for your rabbit but also it helps with grinding down your rabbits teeth at the same time as this is one of the hardest treats shown on this blog post. I am actually going to give my best friends rabbit (Lola) some of these as her teeth need to be grinded down a bit as she has a bit of trouble with naturally grinding her teeth, so this will be a great alternative to that, as this treat is very tasty are it is carrot flavoured and also is not to sweet, so it can be given more often.
An orange is so hydrating for your rabbit and just for anyone, Nibbles loves these purely because if how watery it is, at first he was not to sure about it but after sniffing he loved it and he even when to the extent of eating the skin (which is ok for your rabbit to eat as it is all natural). So no waste and a little sweet thing for your rabbit! (I promise Nibbles is not crying, rabbits just have three eyelids and I managed to just capture it)
These treats 'little gems' go down a treat with Nibbles, he has always loved these. The yellow ones are corn flavour, orange is carrot flavour and the red I am not a hundred percent sure but it may be beetroot, rhubarb or berry flavour. These treats are great for training your rabbit as they are little ones and don't take to long for your rabbit to eat one, and are not to sweet so they can be given more than fruit.
Grapes are a great source of hydration for your rabbit and it is also sweet and super easy to eat as some rabbits don't like eating hard foods like carrots or what Nibbles does sometimes is he eats the leaves of kale and leaves the stem (little cheeky monkey). Once a fort night you can give your rabbit this as it is very sweet and rabbits should mainly eat vegetables and seeds. It does not matter what kind of grape you give your rabbit, green, purple, black it does not make any difference and it will not be bad for your rabbit.
© Oria

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