Nail Polish Inspired Makeup Look

I did a blog post on My Nail Polish Collection in May and have recently gotten more nail polishes to add to my collection, although my favourite at the moment is this gorgeous gold shimmer nail polish from O.P.I called Up Front & Personal. To add an extra element to the already perfect nail polish, I added a matte top coat called Mind over Matter as I am addicted to matte anything right now!

My golden rule (see what I did there) with an outfit or a style is match, or at least have plain on bottom and crazy colours on top. So that's what inspired me to create this makeup look.
For a foundation I used my Tarte rainforest of the sea foundation, which gives medium to high coverage depending on the amount applied.

I then used the wake me up concealer to cover up most of my spots, or at least the spots that were red.

To blend my foundation and concealer I used this brush which is great for blending concealer into your foundation, as it is small enough for a concealer brush but big enough to blend your foundation too.

To set my foundation and my concealer, I used the studio Mac fix powdered foundation.

I used the beached bronzer by Urban Decay as it gives a natural contour and a gorgeous bronzed glow to my skin.

I never usually use blush because I am usually naturally red on the face, but it is the too faced sparkling Bellini and I can't resist any too faced product so it was a no brainer, as you can see from my crazy silly face.

Although this smashbox product is a eyeshadow trio I use this product to fill in my eyebrows as they are a perfect colour and is not to pigmented. I use the lightest colour to highlight underneath my brow bones.
I used my Kylie cosmetics liquid matte lipstick in the shade koko k which is such a gorgeous shade, it is quite a natural colour and smells amazing. 

As a highlight I use the dose of colours hidden treasure pallet in the shade pearl, I use it on my cupids bow, on the tip of my nose and on the tops of my cheek bones.
I used the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer to make sure my eyeshadow stays on for longer and it also helps with how the eyeshadow is applied.

I first use the Semi-sweet shade in the creases of my eyelids and make sure I blend it out well. I then used the shade Marzipan all over my lids, from my lash line to the creases of my eyelids. I also went back to the hidden treasure pallet and used the shade pearl again in the inner corners of my eyelids to give the illusion of brighter and wider eyes (so it makes you look more awake).
I then used my nude by nature angled brush and applied the shade hazelnut to the outer corners of my eyes and up to the creases and from the outer corner of my bottom lash line to the centre of it.

I then went in with my Maybelline lash sensational mascara and my Clinique bottom lash mascara.
Then to finish off I cleaned off my eyeshadow with my concealer, all I did was draw a line from my bottom lash line to the end of my eyebrow like I would do with eyeliner. I then blended it outwards away from the eyeshadow.

The final step, set it all into place. I use my Urban Decay all nighter setting spray. I do four spritzes in an X motion. After that your done!

I hope you like this look, I certainly loved creating it, I really love the colours as I said before I love golds and coppers. Let me know if you recreate this look or if you buy one of these products I used by tagging me on Instagram or liking and commenting on my Facebook page. I'll be sure to see it and reply back!
Victoria xx

American Beauty Products | Haul

I recently went to America for a holiday and I made sure I purchased a lot of makeup whilst I was there because America has such a wider range of makeup products compared to Australia. So how could I resist!
There were so many shops selling Kylie Jenner lip kits, so I made sure I didn't buy a fake or a damaged one. Trust me it helps to do your research before purchasing, it will save you a lot of money.  Personally I would not wear the colour 22 at this time in my life although it is really creamy and matte on the lips and the lip liner is a great colour when combined with the liquid lipstick.
My new favourite makeup brand is by far two faced, all of their products are do fun and different, I honestly can't wait to get their next products! When I first saw this blusher online I knew I had to find it and get it. Trust me it does not disappoint, I would highly recommend buying one of these it is so gorgeous from the packaging to the product.
I am not only getting these three I am also waiting on another Kylie Jenner product so get ready for it,   and leave comments down bellow guessing what product it is.
This is my favourite colour out of the three colours I have of the lip kits as it is such an everyday look and works well with any makeup look. It gives such a 90s vibe which I love. The only thing which I would have liked to be a bit different is that the lip liner is a bit to much of a baby pink toned compared to the liquid lipstick, besides that it is a gorgeous colour.
Kourt K is similar to my favourite lip colour, berry colour. Secretly I have always wanted to try this lip kit. I personally would have liked it to be a bit more of a red berry tone rather than a purple tone, although it is still an awesome colour and would be great for people who love experimenting with makeup.

The two faced chocolate bar pallet was another must have in my list of makeup products to get whilst in America. I did not realise that there were three different types of the chocolate bar pallet from two faced and I didn't know which one to get! So I purchased the one which I thought had the most colours that I would use and so I purchased this one although I did want the chocolate bon bons eye shadow collection, I had to decide on one. I am proud to say that the smell of this pallet is amazing it really smells like chocolate and is just such an amazing and creative idea that the two faced cosmetic brand has come up with.

I first found out about this foundation from Zoe Sugg in her videos. It looks like such a luxurious foundation bottle and is so worth the price, it is a medium to high coverage foundation depending on how much you apply, just make sure to match up with your skin colour. For me it is the perfect colour with my skin even before I got a bit of a tan.
I am subscribed to the Urban Decay emails and when I was notified that they released a new bronzer my instant reaction was 'I need to have this bronzer' it is such a nice natural bronzer which creates a healthy glow to the face, at first I assumed it was a bit bigger, but is not a big problem as it still applies beautifully to the face which even the biggest brush.
I have hurd so much about the hola bronzer and wanted to see what all of the rage was about. It is more for contouring than bronzing as it is very pigmented so I usually need to be very careful when applying.
I have never purchased anything from smash box, I decided to get a starter pack of the main favourites which feature matte eyeshadows which are great colours to fill in your eyebrows I have found that both browns give such a natural effect to my eyebrows and the lighter vanilla colour I use to highlight underneath my brow bone. Although I am yet the try the mascara or the eyeliner. although the lipgloss is such a pretty colour.
Many beauty bloggers use the Clinique bottom lash mascara, before this mascara I had no idea that there was such thing as a bottom lash mascara but apparently there is! So naturally I got one to try, it is so nice and creates gorgeous lashes with no clumps.
I realised that I was to slow to purchase the sweet peach pallet by two faced so when I saw this in a shop I was like "yaaassss" I finally had found one! I love the colours of this pallet and can't wait to see what two faced comes out with next!

My first makeup purchase of my trip was this mascara it seemed so unusual and interesting with it being a shape of a butterfly. It creates a lot of volume although it also creates lumps and to separate my lashes and even them out I use my Anastasia beverly hills waterproof mascara which works wonders together.
This product helps to keep my eye makeup on literally all day and is actually quite hard to wipe all of my eye makeup off, if you have any products which work really well at removing eye makeup let me know.
One thing that surprised me with this product was that it has two lids, I understand why they have done it but I don't see how that improves the product and would probably just use one lid and chuck the other one out.
Is it just me who loves peeling off beauty products, even if it is only me I had to get it. An added bonus to this product is its smell, it smells like mandarine and also is metallic on your face which I think is so cool and adds and extra flair to the product Although it takes quite a while to dry and harden for it to be able to completely peel.
This product is great for waking you up and is so refreshing, I had something like this before but started to finish.
There was two types of this, one with out the colourful packaging and one with, as shown above. I was not sure why it was like that but once I opened the one I got it had come completely clear why. It is the best smelling thing, it smells very similar to the peel off face mask from origins although this smell is a lot stronger, you can really smell mandarin. It smells so nice and keeps you so hydrated and it doesn't leave an oily feeling on your skin once you have used it, if you rub it in completely it is not sticky or anything.

Those are all of the beauty products I purchased in America, I will do more blog posts on what I got and did in America so follow my blog to see what I post next! (trust me it will be good)
Victoria xx

Oria Facebook Page?!

I have decided considering I have an Instagram account for this blog why not a Facebook page? I mean most of you have told be to create one so I have! If you type my username @bloggeroria on Facebook it will come up with my page!

Let me know if you have checked it out! There will also be exclusive posts that you will only be able to see on my Facebook page.
Victoria xx

My In Flight Travel Essentials

 There are many essentials which I need by my side at all times and I somehow narrowed it down to these. I guess you can say that this is a 'what's in my bag' kind of post but for a 18 hour journey.
 I literally wanted this bag for so long but never bought it, I saw it once at a typo shop but I didn't have enough money with me at the time and I thought to myself well there is always a next time. I am going to take this on the plane with me to America which there will be blog posts soon to come. As I am probably in America or already home from my travels.
 Somehow the bag closes with this much stuff in it, and I am truly astonished.
 The pencil case I purchased around 4 to 5 years ago at office works, and no thats not what the actually pencil case design. I customised it, the pencil case was originally plain but I changed it up and made it my own. What I will put inside it is my hard-drive to edit videos with on the plane, so that will keep me occupied until I get sick of editing. I will also have my phone in there with it.
 My everyday essentials...tissues obviously, I generally use a pack or two of these once or twice a month. Don't worry I am not so sick person all the time I do give these to my friends as well. 
The lifesaver of every travelling situation. In an argument? Put your headphones on, bored? Put your headphones on, editing? Just put your headphones on. So I will be using these a lot as they are noise cancelling headphones.
 When I have had enough of looking at a screen I will be reading to pass the time, I am currently reading both The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas apparently it is sad so I am bringing the book Harry Potter with me to cheer me up and excite me on the books adventures. I am also bringing my camera to take so awesome shots of America.
And of course my laptop which I am using to type this right now, I don't know how I get past a day with out using this, jus kidding. But still I love it and I purchased a camera sticker to put on my laptop and so it doesn't get any scratches or peal away I put a protective clear case which I got both from eBay.

I honestly can't wait to go to America and I am pretty sure that I will survive the long plane trip with these essentials. Let me know what your essentials are for travelling.
Victoria xx
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