My Year So Far (not the best) | Story-time

Hey everyone! 2017 has been interesting for me. I am not so sure whether to keep my hopes up or just admit that it's not going to be my best year.
To start off the year I was ok for the first couple of days into 2017 but then I started to feel sick and got the flu (and it was in Summer, Like WHAT, WHY?). So that lasted around a week or two until I was 100% sure that it had come and gone. My nose was running so much that I genuinely thought it was like running a marathon (sorry I had to write that pun). Other family members of mine had had the flu prior to me but thankfully I didn't have it as bad, I wasn't coughing but I was clogged up.

Once that was over I felt fine for weeks up until the 21st, now I am not one to want attention on being sick and having pain but my tooth started to ache in the evening and I thought it would just go away over night but I took a nurofen and that took around 2 to 3 hours to kick in. When I woke up it started to hurt again but I could handle the pain. Keep in mind that I have never had braces or any cavities or fillings besides drilling a bit off one of my teeth so the other teeth have room. But I am glad to say I haven't had any problems with my teeth, until this week.

22st of January
 I was ok with the pain (the tooth that is hurting is my second tooth from the front on my right side on the top).  Later that night once I had finished eating dinner, my teeth were really hurting and I couldn't even play Mario Kart with my cousins and for some odd reason I find comfort in my teeth when I am eating, it baffles me why that is but that was my only solution because I had a nurofen before I went out for dinner the only thing to sooth my pain was eating. It sounds like such a delight but honestly I was getting really full and at this point I was struggling to finish my watermelon slice. I asked my mum and my aunties and they gave me some gel to put onto my gums to try and numb them, I think it helped a bit. I am pretty sure that my family knew that something was wrong and they helped me out.
I love seeing my cousins and my family and it was such a bummer that I had to leave so quickly but I was just so exhausted and in such pain that I just wanted to be at least some what comfortable in my own home and bed. 
My dad gave me one nerofen plus which a person of my size would be knocked out if I had two so I just settled on one and that helped with 60 to 75% of the pain but I could still feel it. And yes if you were wondering I did have a little cry, you know, a few trickles of water down my face. It would have been a great night besides that.

In the morning
I was just dreading the pain that was to come, I thought oh maybe I could just sleep longer or even all day if I can but I can't, when I am up I am up I can't go back to sleep.  I was playing an x-box game (it was call of duty 3: modern warfare to be exact) just to get my mind off the pain and also because I enjoy playing it. I started to have the really bad tooth pain so I went to my mum and asked her to go to the chemist and get this gum numbing gel.
I found out that the combination of the numbing gel with panadol gets rid of the pain enough so that I can go about my day without wanting to rip my tooth out. 
At times my tooth feels like when you are eating something really cold and your teeth start to hurt whilst you get brain freeze, it is a mixture of that and just pain. My 2nd top tooth from the middle is quite, as I like to call it 'tender' as in anytime I touch it I get a shot of pain from the tip of my tooth to the root. 

I am going to the dentist today
To just get an X-ray and get their opinion on what my next move is for my teeth. I thought a mixture of things, I thought it was because my 'fag tooth' is pushing against it, which compared to pictures last year it has certainly moved and also my gums are sore around the two teeth. Many people around me said it could be a gum infection or your tooth is moving which honestly I agreed with but I knew it felt worse than a gum infection.

I went to the dentist just a couple of hours ago
From writing this and from the X-ray I may have to get something similar to a root canal, I am only 15, never had anything done to my teeth besides one tooth being pulled out. I had no idea what it was, it sounds painful but I know it will do me good.

If you don't really know what a root canal is, like I was this morning
It is where the tooth's nerves are dead and you need to get your tooth drilled into from the back, they clean out the bacteria in the tooth then they fill the inside up with medicine and then they seal up the tooth with stuff (I’m not to sure what it is) so no more bad bacteria from my saliva gets into the tooth.
I am no dentist but this is what I have to get done, the dentist said that I was the 'chosen one' per-say, meaning that I am just unlucky, it has nothing to do with not brushing or flossing enough or getting hit in that area of the mouth it is just pure luck. I guess me boasting that my teeth look semi-nice without having much done to them at all has finally caught up to me, and it is getting me good.

In a couple of hours from writing this
I am going to see the nerve doctor/dentist to take a look at my teeth and say if it is final that I will need a root canal or not and to give me either antibiotics or something to put onto the tooth area. We will find out I guess, wish me luck!

Ok so turns out I do need a root canal lucky me!
Just kidding, but at this point I kind of just want to get it over and done with. I'm getting it done tomorrow morning at 8:30am so that means getting up bright and early in my holiday schedule (I make the most of sleep as much as I can whilst I can).

Ok so I just did it
My mouth is really sore even though I have the pain killer stuff injected into my gums, so now I am going to try and sleep off the pain. 

Good news I slept for 6 hours
From 10am up until 4pm, my teeth are not as sore as before, my mouth and half of my nose has stopped being numb. At the moment the pain is at around 20% so I can still fell the throbbing but I can bare it. The pain level is staying the same compared to before the root canal where one minute the pain is minimum and the next minute it’s agonising.

Update, it’s been around four days since I had it
The last couple of days I’ve had no pain but my tooth was still a bit ’tender’. Today however it feels like it’s almost completely back to normal. The dentist gave me a prescription for antibiotics which I have to have 3 a day for 5 days and like I said before I’ve done four days!  
I am aware that heaps of people daily get root canals but that is mainly adults who (not going to lie) probably have a higher pain tolerance than me. 
But I just wanted to share how my year so far has been because although it definitely isn’t the most worst/horrific start to my year but it isn’t the best.

At the moment 
I am sitting on a balcony looking out to the sea and an island which you’ll find out which Island next week (I have something even better than a blog post ;) but you’ll have to wait). 
I must admit this is a pretty nice place to end up whilst writing a blog post. So I guess my year won’t be too bad, fingers crossed. But in all honesty, in life there will always be ups and downs and you will just have to deal with them for the time being. 

If you’ve read all that I applaud you because I would have probably just skim read it all. Let me know in the comments down bellow if you read the whole thing and if you’ve had a root canal and I’d also like to hear how your year is going so far :)
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Victoria xx

HUGE Collective Haul | Clothes, Beauty Items And Review!

I decided to have a HUGE splurge on new makeup, skin care and clothing items. As it is a new year I thought I need to try new things, so I bought new things d: I have tried all of the things that I have and have decided whether they are worth purchasing or not.

Skin Care
Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil - $33
I must say this is now my most used skin care product, I put it on every night before I go to bed and although I have had it for at least a week or two, it seems to go pretty quick for me but that's just because it's such a good product, highly recommend purchasing one to try out. I purchased this from the Clarins website.
Mario Badescu Drying lotion - $24
I wrote down my thoughts on the first time using it...
It stung a bit on chin but that might have been from a little bit of an opening in my blemish. It has a very strong smell and is surprisingly very runny when first applying it, the pink substance actually dripped onto the floor (woups).
One problem is, places like above my lips and my forehead it feels kind of like a face mask as it feels like if my face is to expressional then the dot will crack.
Another one of my concerns before I went to bed was if I subconsciously sleep on the side of my face will it get on my pillow or come off? Turns out it mostly dries within 30 minutes but it will come off a bit when you sleep so I would recommend if you don't want pink little dots on white pillows use a bad pillow cover when you are using this product, or if you can sleep with your head towards the ceiling all night without moving then you will be absolutely fine with this product.
With using this product for a while now I have noticed that it doesn't always work on all of your pimples that you put them on, I still think this is a great product and would recommend you purchasing it as it would be really useful if you have a big pimple the night before a big outing it would be a possible miracle even if it doesn't work completely it still makes it 75% smaller.
The product is $24 Australian dollars, I think it is reasonable for a semi-highend brand.
I purchased this from the website Mecca.
Nivea 3-in-1 Refreshing Cleansing Wipes For Eyes, Lips and Face - $3.75
I have purchased this many times and always go back to it, it is not the most amazing makeup wipes but it does the job. It doesn't leave any sticky residue on your face. Although it says lash care, whilst I take off my mascara using these wipes it can sometimes pull off a lash or two, same goes for eyebrows. Therefore these wipes are more for taking off base makeup. It also takes off waterproof makeup. I purchased this from the supermarket Woolworths.

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation - $16
Before this purchase I had three foundations which all three are running out of, I had seen people on the internet rave about rimmel foundations for a long time now and decided to give it a shot. First Impression, I don't really like the way this foundation looks on my skin it makes me look like I have a cake face (well that's what I think anyway). The reason for that is purely because it says full coverage foundation. I got the shade 100 Ivory, it has an SPF of 20 which is good for those summer days in Australia. What surprised me was the pump, I thought because of the lid it wouldn't have a pump but I'm glad it does so it was quite a pleasant surprise. The second time I tried it, it didn't look too bad I am not sure why it was different from the first time but I am beginning to like this foundation and as it is full coverage that means that I don't have to use concealer for my blemishes.
I purchased this from Chemist Warehouse.
Too Faced Born This Way Concealer - $40
I got the shade Very Fair, which has a pink undertone, now whilst purchasing the concealer they did not have a yellow undertone light concealer so that is one problem with mine although I do not mind that much as I do have naturally rosy cheeks it kind of works when I apply it under my eyes. If I wear just concealer on my face it doesn't look weird. Aside from that the formula is good but does not blend very well in the creases of my under eyes. The doe foot applicator is by far my favourite concealer applicator, it is very flexible and soft, the combination of the formula and the applicator is a complete win in my eyes (or is that under eyes?). I purchased this from the website Mecca.
Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip-colour - $20
I love this formula it is similar to the NYX Soft matte lip creams as they don't go fully matte like Kylie cosmetics lip kits do. The Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip-colour is not kiss proof and will come off throughout the day. The shade is HD Forever and is a red tone brown. The Lip-colour is very moisturising to the lips and has great pigmentation. I purchased this from Target.
L'Oréal Super Liner Perfect Slim Eyeliner - $10
I love trying out new eyeliners so I picked up a couple and this was one of them. I find at the start of using very fine slim eyeliners that the product at the tip seems to run out very quickly and that is the case with this eyeliner, although it is great for doing a cat eye, it does not have very much pigmentation and I find myself going over the faint lines multiple times. I purchased this from Chemist Warehouse.
Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner - $11
At first I hated it, it seemed way to thick and that just wasn't the look I was going for. The second time I tried it it worked out a lot better, I learnt how to properly use it and I was very impressed with the pigment and how precise and pointy the flick was. It is long lasting and waterproof and apparently stays on for 24 hours. This eyeliner I am still not 100% sure with but I am glad I bought it it is a great eyeliner and doesn't run out of pigmentation at the very end of the liner brush. I purchased this from Chemist Warehouse.

Peppermayo The Saloon Pants - Black Gloss - $55
These are a high rise crop pant, the length is perfect for me and the size fits my legs and hips the only problem is the waist band. I can get the button and zipper done up but it is very (and I MEAN very) tight around my waist, if only there was more fabric or the waist band stretched more than it would be a much more comfortable fit. I love the pants they look so nice, if only the waist band was bigger than this would be my staple pants. I purchased this from the website Peppermayo.
The rest of this haul will be items that I bought from Asos.

Pack Of 100 Clear Hair Ties - $6
These are so cheap for the amount of hair ties that come with it and they are just such a staple hair accessory I had to get them and plus I am all out of hair ties so I thought it was necessary.
Occasion Station Jewel Ear Cuff - $12
I've never had one of these but I decided it was worth a try, the weird thing is is that it fits perfectly on my right ear but not on my left ear but I guess it's because my ears are slightly different shapes. I never thought that the way your ear is shaped determined whether it will fit or not, I guess it's just like shoes. I don't mind how it looks on me, it is not really out there so I like it. Probably wouldn't get another one of these but it's good to have at least one. With that said it is very comfortable on and I sometimes forget that I am wearing it, it is very stable on the ear so I know it won't fall off.
Noisy May Tan Lines Lattice Bikini Top And Bottom - $49
I love the colour, it fits well although I would've liked the top to have a bit more material, but it does cover enough, I just won't do any handstands. The bottoms are perfect and I really like the crisscrosses on each side, I thought the bottoms would have been a bit more high waisted but the bottoms fit just bellow my belly button but it doesn't bother me. One problem with the top I have found is that the strings at the top are a bit awkward, I can't tie them up or they will look like a bowtie and I am not 100% with them being untied an just hanging, but I love the crosses on the top it gives a really nice detail to a plain bikini.
Mix and Match Cross Front Wrap Bikini Top - $10.50
I was the most excited about this one, I have wanted a bikini of this style since 2015 but haven't had the chance to because the size might be wrong and it is to expensive, but there was a sale on Asos and is $10.50 so it is pretty cheap. It was quite confusing to work out what size was right for me and what was going to fit me because they didn't have the Australian bra sizes on the selected sizes option but I did my research and found the closest match because most sizes were sold out but luckily I found the perfect one. I tried it on and I absolutely love it, I also love how it is black so I can wear whatever kind of bikini bottoms I'd like with it. So the moral of this purchase story is that it lived perfectly ever after in my wardrobe being used every single beach outing I have because this top is definitely my staple bikini top now.
That is all I got over the corse of a couple of weeks, I definitely think it was a huge splurge but I am so happy with what I got and will be using all of them. Let me know in the comments which one you would buy or have bought! And don't forget to follow this blog, the follow button is right at the bottom of this page :)
Victoria xx

Who You Should Watch On Youtube...

I'm sure I am not the only person who watches Youtuber's that you'd want to be friends with, I mean isn't that why we watch them because they are just good humans? I mainly watch funny videos and sometimes beauty videos but at the end of the day I prefer videos that make me laugh. Here are some good humans that I am subscribed to on Youtube.

Liza Koshy, ok so she is one of those hyperactive people but is chill at the same time she is so down to earth and if you like puns, well I'm guessing you've already subscribed to her. She first started off doing vine and then as vine is closing she is now doing youtube! 
Sianxy is a smaller youtuber who I found in my recommended section as she has made some videos about big youtubers like Joe Sugg, Alfie Deyes, Zoe Sugg etc. Yes she does do clickbait videos so if you hate clickbait maybe this isn't for you but give her a watch anyway the content is still good, she is also a funny and relatable youtuber who deserves more subscribers.
Mikey Pearce, he started his Youtube channel 5 months ago, he mainly does funny skits but also does challenges with other youtubers. He seems like such a positive happy person in his videos which personally I think rubs off onto the people watching his videos.
Millie Kate, she is a small youtuber who I found from watching her Joe and Caspar hit the road USA tour vlog (that was a handful of words). I have actually found a couple of youtubers including Millie, who went to the same one as I did and it's just cool to see the night in someone else's perspective. Out of those other Youtubers, I have found that Millie is the most entertaining to watch, she is so friendly and you can tell she is a genuine nice person. She deserves so many more subscribers so go over there and subscribe to her!
Ok honestly who hasn't heard of James Charles, he was chosen to be the next covergirl and is the first male to ever be a covergirl. I love his vibe and he does such amazing makeup, just an all round great human being.
I first got shown the Merrelltwins by one of my cousins. The Merrell twins make skits, do challenges and just entertaining videos. My favourite video skit series of theirs is Merrell Twins Exposed, which is like a funny parody of reality tv shows like keeping up with the Kardashians, Real house wives of beverly hills etc. They don't take themselves to seriously and make really good content.
Oli White, recently I have been really enjoying his content he is so positive and friendly. His Instagram for starters, might as well be owned by a professional photographer (it seems like it is). Like I said before makes awesome content I recommend you check it out.
Those are some people who I am subscribed to and have been enjoying their content recently, sorry this blog post is a day late but I hope you go check these people out :) All of these photos are from there Instagrams and I used their Youtube channel names just so it is easier for you guys to find them.
Victoria xx

A Summer Outfit

Ok so I'll be honest and say I wouldn't wear this outfit everyday in summer but it would be a great party outfit. The top is perfect for an Australian summer because it's flowy so at 40 Degrees you'll get a bit of circulation to keep you from getting heat stroke. I just paired it with simple black shorts and nude suede cross ankle heels.

Top - Zara
Shorts - Zara (similar)
Shoes - Wantedshoes
Victoria xx
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